Once your home has burnt down, there are steps that you need to take in order to prevent further damage as well as reduce the amount of time it will take to restore it back to its former glory. Fire is a very traumatizing experience as it affects you both financially and emotionally. We have basic steps that will help you see through the restoration process without further stress. As distressing as it can be to have your home burnt down, it can get even worse when proper care is not taken immediately the fire has been put out and the smoke eventually clears.

The very first step will be to get in touch with a good and reputable company thats know to handle fire and smoke damage restoration. They need to be very time sensitive as the longer they take to make an appearance, the more damage your house is going to suffer because of the soot and smoke. After you have given your company of choice a call, they will send their estimator who will come to assess the level of damage and come up with a restoration plan. They should be in a position to take into account what can be salvaged and what will need to be taken down.

Once this has been done, the company will now send a cleaning crew now that they are very clear on what needs to be done. They will come and box everything that can be salvage and items like clothing will be sent over to professional cleaners who are able to get rid of the smoke and soot clinging to them. Your items will be organized into those that can be salvaged and those that are damaged beyond repair.

After the sorting of items and clothing has been done, the restoration of your house will start. Carpets and wallpapers will be removed so that the surfaces underneath are cleaned and wiped of any residual soot. Your house will receive a thorough cleaning to make sure that no smoke smell lingers and that any soot that might have escaped into the cupboards or shelves has been cleaned out. Structures that have been burnt beyond restoration will have to be removed and you will be advised of the same.

Once thorough cleaning has been done, your items will be returned to your home. Those that had been sent for dry cleaning will also be returned to you. Depending on the company you have selected, they might opt to return the clothing to their respective rooms or you will be left with labeled boxes to do the unpacking. Most companies that handle fire and smoke restoration works have empathy towards their clients and therefore takes steps to try as much as possible to return the house to how it was before the fire.

If you have to replace structures like beams and the like, you could always use your contractor to get you a good carpenter or you could consult the restorative company to give you their trusted guy.

Basic Steps To Fire And Smoke Damage Restoration