Repairing and installing new plumbing can be an expensive affair. This is why it is necessary for you to ensure that your plumbing system is well maintained. Maintaining your plumbing system is not only cheap sometimes it is just free and therefore you have no reason not to do something about it. Here are some simple maintenance practices that will keep your drains and water pipes in top notch conditions.

Running hot water down the drain
If you notice that water in the sink or the bathtub takes long to drain then it means there is a clog building up somewhere. This is usually because of build up of scum, grime and grease down the drain. Get four cups of boiling water and run them down the drain. That will help to melt the scum and drain it. Repeat the process three or four times and you will see water drain much faster. If left to linger on this problem could cause major clogging and damage to the drainage system.

Fix loose pipe mounting wraps
If you see loose mounting wraps, those small metal fittings that keep your pipe in place bolt them in all the way. If one mounting becomes loose it can cause the entire pipe to sag. This is dangerous as it can lead to the pipe falling off and breaking. You do not want that kind of water damage and repair expenses on your hands. Ensure that the mountings are well fixed. The pressure in the pipes causes them to vibrate and therefore the mountings can become lose so make this a regular practice.

Drain the water tank
If you have a heating system with a water tank ensure that the tank is drained at least once a year so that the sediments that accumulate in the tank will be removed. When that is done the tank can hold the required amount of water and makes it easy to quickly heat the water.

Use strainers
Have strainers in all your sinks. These will prevent hair, sediments, food pieces and other kind of debris from getting through the sink to the drainage system. This is prevent your drainage from having build up of debris that can cause clogging.

Examine the valves and connectors
Check all the valves and pipe connectors for leaks. Check the regions sorrounding those parts for moisture or discoloration. If you notice any kind of leaks have the valves tightened or replaced if the leak does not stop.

These maintenance practices should be carried out often to enable your plumbing system be in good working conditions regardless of the season.

Maintenance Practices Your Plumbing System Will Appreciate