Today I want to share with you my best moving tips and tricks on how to move organized and how to save money when relocating to a new city.
Get a Checklist

My first tip is the most important and that is to get a checklist. It can be easy to think that moving is putting things into boxes and hiring a mover but there’s so much that goes into it and they can easily get lost in the shuffle of things like changing your address and defrosting your refrigerator or deep freezer. You should talk to multiple moving companies to get multiple quotes as you want to choose a company that is reputable and also offers a fair market value.
Get Free or Used Moving Boxes.

If you go into Craigslist or social media sale apps you can find boxes for completely free or close to free and your moving company can also provide used boxes that you could go to their warehouse and pick up. The biggest way you can save money is by moving most items by yourself and using tons of reusable bags.

If you do decide to go the box route labeling is absolutely key. It is important that you label every single thing that is in the box because trust me you think you are going to remember but you are going to forget. You can go to the dollar store to get duct tape in different colors to label the outside of the boxes so it would be super clear when they came in the house exactly where they had to go. Also, keep your toolbox and cleaning supplies in the front seat of your car and that way you have easy access to them. An easily forgotten about tip that’s really helpful is to attach all of the screws on to the items that you need to reinstall them back into your house because it’s so easy for those things to get separated.
The first place you want to really focus your efforts when you get to your new house is the kitchen; having an organized kitchen and pantry as soon as you get into the house is so key and so helpful. All you want to do is put things in their general location and if I’m being totally honest it’s not going to look that organized you’ll have items you didn’t even realize you had in other boxes that need to go in that same place. Wait until everything gets into the house, find a system that actually functions and not double your work. I hope that you found these moving tips helpful and do not forget to leave a comment down below because I bet you guys are going to have some killer tips too. More pro tips .

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