Call it tradition but homeowners have an annual ritual of cleaning during spring. Why not? It’s an ideal season to make things around the house look fresh and neat. When spring cleaning, homeowners embark on what others may view as a very demanding job, decluttering. With all the things accumulated over possibly years, some people get tired at the mere thought of taking on such a mammoth job.

What most people dont know is that theres a system when it comes to decluttering called Re-use, Recycle or Upcycle, Sell, Donate, and Toss. Lets take a look at each of these.

Re-use Recycle or Upcycle –
Re-using things is simply what it is. You just keep it and use it as is. When you recycle, youre essentially reprocessing something, so you can use it for other purposes other than its original purpose. When you upcycle, youre transforming items that are supposed to be discarded into something new that you can use.
When you follow this RRU model, youre not only keeping materials out of the waste stream, youre also creating something new. So go through your things and consider how an item can be of use to you. That small table can actually be re-purposed to become a floating cabinet, for example. When you do RRU, your creative choices are unlimited.

Sell –
We have all seen how effective online selling can be. Its the perfect place to dispose of unwanted items and get some cash back in your pocket at the same time! Simply sort unwanted items that are still in good condition, then do some research to see what your asking price may be, and post online. There are many local buy/sell groups available now which makes the selling process faster for you. Some physical shops will also actually buy things that homeowners can no longer use. They could create something out of them, and re-sell them to a new home.

Donate –
If youre impressed by the works of organizations like the Habitat for Humanity or Salvation Army, you might want to tap into your charitable side and see which unwanted items in your home can be donated. You will feel amazing by doing so, knowing that it all helps people and families that may not be in a good situation at the moment. If you have unwanted furniture, you can donate those, too. It will end up in someone elses home. Please remember though that the items still need to be in good condition otherwise the charitable places will need to pay to dispose of these items, which takes away important funds for charity.

Toss –
This is your last resort. It is sometimes hard at the start, to measure the volume of items that will be thrown. Once this is established, you can then decide of the most cost-effective and efficient way to accomplish this.
The easiest (and normally most cost-effective) way is to hire a skip bin that is delivered to your premise. You can normally load these with all household waste except for hazardous materials.

Decluttering does not need to be a daunting task if you plan carefully and have fun whilst doing it. At the end of it, you are sure to feel fantastic if not a little tired.

Tips To Declutter Your Home When Spring Cleaning