Troubleshooting and air conditioner repair is a very easy DIY task that you can do yourself if you have a basic understanding of electricity and the concept of air conditioners. More often than not, air conditioners cease to work as they should as some crucial part has broken down or the wiring connecting the parts to electricity have become disconnected, loose or chewed out! For some repairs, you really dont have to call an air conditioner contractor and you can manage on your own as long as you have the right tools with you! As a cautionary note, running any troubleshooting or diagnostics on your ac repair unit must be done after the power has been turned off.

The first and most obvious thing that most of us fail to check in the event our units fail is the power plug or socket. There have been incidences where people have called on a technician to come help and only then realized that the problem was in the power connections. With this in mind, always check the power connections first before you delve deeper into other inspections. The fuse on the power plug could be shot or the wirings could have come undone! Checking first makes sure that you do not unnecessarily tinker with the air conditioner when the problem could have been solved long ago.

The disconnect block has two fuses that you could also inspect and figure out if thats the cause for your air conditioner repair project. A voltmeter is the best tool to use here and you simply have to check them by touching on the casings at the edge. You should be able to get a reading if they are working as they should. If the disconnector block has an issue, you will have to check the parts around it and then replace them.

The capacitor is something else that you must check when running a diagnostic on your air conditioner in order to begin repairs. Finding the capacitor is very easy as its the cylindrical object inside your air conditioner. If you find it misshapen or broken, you will have to replace it. You could also check that the wirings connecting the capacitor and the power bank are in good condition. They need to be in good condition and if there is any that is chewed out or broken, they will have to be replaced. The contractor is another part that you mustnt forget during your air conditioner repair. The wirings around it could easily become loose or the contractor itself could be in need of replacement.

The fans motor should also be checked to make sure that the fan is running as it should. Replacing the motor is easy enough and like the capacitor and the contractor, its best you replace it with the same model. The compressor coil and the filter must also be inspected so that any dirt or debris is removed. Use warm water to clean out the accumulated dirt or grime and be careful not to harm the coils when cleaning them out.

Troubleshooting And Air Conditioner Repair