There are many disasters that can happen to a home leaving the homeowner in a state of disarray. However when these disasters that cause damage to the home like a fire, floods or water happen, damage restoration services are there to put your home back in the previous state that it was in. There are three main types of damage restoration services that a home owner will need. These are; Water Damage Restoration, Fire damage restoration and Mold remediation and restoration.

Water Damage Restoration – Water damage is one of the most common problems that home owners come across. This is due to the fact that there is a lot of plumbing in the homes which at some point will become old or malfunction. It is also due to the fact that there are appliances in the house like dish washers and washing machines that might leak and cause water damage. Water damage also occurs due to weather elements entering the house like rain or snow. Water damage restoration process is a meticulous and arduous one. The most important factor in water damage restoration is time. It is important that the process is carried out immediately after the water has been seen. Waiting for long causes the damage to become extensive as the water spreads farther, it soaks into more and more items, it seeps deep beneath the house into the floor boards and also it soaks deep in dry walls and other structural parts of the house. The process begins with inspection of the property to determine how bad the damage is and what will need to be done. After that the water is removed in earnest as the drying process is accelerated. Cleaning and disinfecting is done as the items are being salvaged and dried. Special equipment might be required in the process.

Fire Damage Restoration – fires can be tragic and might leave nothing to restore. However, when the fire is caught early the damage can be restored completely so that the house is left in the pre-fire state. Fire might cause major structural damage requiring a lot of major repairs after. It becomes a good time also to make any major changes you have always wanted to make to the house as the major repairs are being done. Putting out the fire requires water, which also means that fire damage constitutes water damage also. After the fire also there is soot and smoke in the house which pose health problems to the residents if not taken care of. Fire damage restoration entails doing the water damage restoration, carrying out the repairs and removing the smoke, soot and odor from the house.

Mold remediation and restoration – mold is another common problem in homes. There are many places that provide the ideal conditions for growth of mold in the house. The basement, crawlers and other dark and moist spaces in the house are ideal for mold and mildew growth. Mold is dangerous because it posses health problems to the family. Many people are known to have allergies to mold, asthma, and respiratory problems amongst other health problems. Mold also causes damage to the structure. Where mold grows it causes the area to become discolored and dirty. It also has a rustic smell and odor which makes the house inhabitable. Mold restoration actually begins with removing all the mold present. The mold removal process is done carefully to avoid cross contamination. After the mold is removed the area is cleaned and sanitized. The area is also dried completely to ensure mold do not get water to support their growth.

Types Of Damage Restoration Services